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Don’t let an insurance company push you around. You have rights, and an experienced attorney will help you by making sure they are protected. At The LePley Law Firm, we aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve. We take on insurance companies and do what it takes to help you.

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As a litigation firm, we file more than half of the claims that come through our door. If an insurance company does not want to pay a reasonable value on a claim, you have to let it know that you are willing to fight. Our litigation experience is an important arrow in our quiver when we take the fight to insurance companies.
A lot of personal injury firms settle too quickly. They take a lot of cases, and they accept a lot of settlements, but often after only the first or second offer. While we do not hesitate to accept a settlement that protects your interests, getting the right offer takes experience and a willingness to litigate with insurance companies that are unwilling to treat you fairly.

Protecting All Personal Injury Victims

No matter how you were injured — in a slip-and-fall, a motor vehicle accident, or some other way — you want to have a lawyer who will not back down from an insurance coverage dispute. Our diverse practice provides the same level of vigorous counsel for clients in a wide range of cases. We also protect the rights of individuals making workers’ compensation or wrongful death claims.

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