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November 2018 Archives

Understanding insurance bad faith

If you are like most people in Washington, you probably have an auto insurance policy to cover your loses in the event you suffer injuries as a result of an accident. You likely also faithfully pay your premiums on time. You therefore expect your insurance company to pay any claim you make and to defend you if someone sues you after a car crash. The last thing you expect is to have to fight with it to get the coverage you paid for.

Tips for avoiding a health insurance claim denial

Medical expenses are one of the leading causes of consumer debt for residents of Washington and the rest of the nation, and in some cases, patients face far higher bills than they anticipated. In some cases, patients mistakenly believe that their health insurance companies will cover certain procedures or treatments, but they soon find out their insurers have no plans to do so, leaving them on the hook, financially, for considerable amounts. At the Lepley Law Firm, we recognize that many insurers deny health insurance claims for similar reasons, and learning what those reasons are may help you avoid having your own claim denied.