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December 2018 Archives

Claims can be denied due to paperwork problems

When you are dealing with a serious physical injury or damage to your vehicle or your Washington home, you want your insurance claim to be processed as soon as possible. However, something as simple as a wrong birth date on your insurance claim can cause an insurer to deny your claim. Sometimes frustratingly simple paperwork errors can drag out your claim process or cause you to be denied altogether.

Insurance companies' duties to policyholders

If you file an insurance claim in Washington, you have a right to expect that the insurer will process the claim in a timely manner and pay out damages according to the terms expressed in the policy. Sadly, however, that is not always what happens. We at Lepley Law Firm have seen insurance companies unfairly deny claims or unreasonably delay processing or payment of the claim. When insurers behaves in this way, they have acted in bad faith, and you have the right to seek compensation beyond the initial claim.