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April 2019 Archives

Will my homeowners’ insurance cover flooding?

Depending on where you live in Washington, you may worry about your home being destroyed by flooding, as well as whether your insurance will cover flood-related damages. There are many misconceptions related to this complicated area of insurance, as well as what exactly constitutes flooding damage, versus ordinary water damage.

Contractors and denied insurance claims

Contractors often run into many challenges, whether they encounter issues related to a particular construction project, the local economy or the workers they employ. However, unexpected problems can arise, such as a workplace injury, a motor vehicle collision, an extreme weather event or some other serious issue. To make matters worse, some contractors may find themselves in a particularly difficult position when they discover that their insurance company is refusing to help out and that their claim has been denied. This can be very upsetting and may lead to various hardships which could even force a contractor to shut their business down if the matter is not handled properly.

Is your dog endangering your home insurance?

When you brought home your new dog, the possibility of the pup affecting your home insurance was probably the last thing on your mind. You and other Washington residents may be surprised to learn that many insurance companies blacklist some dog breeds, and if you have a dog that is on one of these restricted lists, it could cause your home insurance to be dropped.