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Insurance company responsibilities

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2019 | Insurance Law |

People in Washington State often need to carry insurance for a variety of situations. Automobile insurance, renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance are common types of coverage purchased by individuals to protect their assets. Health insurance is another essential form of protection so that people have access to medical care when they need it. Life insurance policies, long-term care insurance plans and disability insurance plans all offer special assistance or benefits to people in the event of a difficult situation or a death. Professionals like doctors or dentists may carry liability insurance policies to protect them if they are accused of malpractice.

Regardless of the type of insurance policy, the person who is covered should always know that they have rights and that their insurance company has distinct responsibilities that it must live up to. As explained by the Houston Chronicle, every insurer is bound to act in the best interest of its client, not for its own best interest. Some policies come with clauses that provide the insured party with legal representation when a defense is needed. Other policies offer payment of any legal judgment against the insured party.

FindLaw notes that insurance companies are obligated to investigate all claims thoroughly. Once investigated, a claim must either be accepted and paid in a timely manner or denied in a timely manner. If a claim is to be denied, the insurance company must provide a detailed and clear explanation of the reason for the denial.

Delays in communication or lack of providing clear explanations can be problems for insured policy holders and may be in violation of the insurance company’s responsibilities.