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September 2019 Archives

Does homeowner's insurance cover earthquakes?

Though the most famous may be located in California, fault lines run throughout the Pacific Northwest. This means that earthquakes could strike at any time. However, if you own property in Washington, you may not feel overly concerned about the possibility, trusting in your homeowner's insurance to protect your investment.

Are you eligible for unemployment insurance?

Are you a resident of Bellevue who has suddenly found yourself in a situation where you lack the income that you rely on to make a living? If so, you may be wondering what your financial options are. In this scenario, it's important to understand whether or not you are eligible for unemployment compensation, otherwise known as unemployment insurance (UI).

What to do after buying a new home insurance policy

There are many reasons why a homeowner in Washington state may wish to obtain a new insurance policy on his or her property. Perhaps there is a better price available. Perhaps the current insurer engages in practices or espouses politics that the homeowner finds morally objectionable. Insurance is, of course, a necessity for any homeowner who pays a mortgage. However, while the mortgage lender can require a  customer to carry insurance, it is up to the customer to decide from which insurer to buy. This means the homeowner is at liberty to obtain a new insurance policy on his or her property as desired.