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Insurance law: Can my insurance company really deny my claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Insurance Law |

Paying insurance premiums is not always fun or even easy, but most people in Washington understand how important it is to have coverage for unexpected life events. People trust that their insurance companies will cover their claims when needed and are surprised when they are denied. It is very possible that a company might deny a valid claim, but insurance law is complicated, and few people understand their rights in this type of situation.

An insurance company can deny a claim — even a legitimate one — for a number of reasons. It might assert that a person did not have adequate coverage or that he or she made an error on the application. A claim error is also a common excuse for denial and is frequently used when a person files a claim outside of a specific window of time.

Just because an insurance company denies a claim and cites the reason why does not mean that it is valid. Arguing with the company probably will not get a person very far either. This might leave that individual with no other option but to pursue legal action. Keeping careful records of insurance coverage, phone calls, emails and more is important when deciding on this course of action.

Insurance companies often prioritize their own bottom lines over the needs of policy holders. Unfortunately, this means that many valid claims are routinely denied. Washington residents who have experienced this know just how devastating it can be, but there are options for addressing the problem. Speaking with an attorney who is well-versed in insurance law may help these individuals better understand those options.