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Breed restrictions in homeowners’ insurance coverage

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Insurance Law |

There is something very special about being a pet owner. Owners and their dogs usually form close bonds that are difficult — if not impossible — to break. Sadly, some dog owners in Washington will face more hurdles than others when it comes to protecting that bond. This includes dealing with things like breed restrictions in homeowners’ insurance policies.

Breed restrictions can work in one of two ways. An insurance policy might cover all of the typical homeowner conditions but simply exclude the dog or any of its actions. An insurance company might also decline to provide coverage at all. The details of any breed restrictions should be included in the policy and may explicitly ban coverage for dogs based on things like breed, aggressiveness and more.

It can be difficult to convince an insurance company that a dog is not aggressive. Most breed restrictions are not just directed at purebred dogs, either. Coverage for mixed breed dogs that are at least part of a restricted breed is usually still restricted. It is possible to try and find a different insurance company that does not restrict coverage for dogs based on breed, but depending on the area in Washington it can be harder than some might realize.

No one wants to get rid of a beloved dog, but lacking homeowners’ insurance coverage can be distressing. Many insurance companies cite bad science or misleading stereotypes to refuse covering certain breeds of dog. A pet owner in Washington who is struggling to find coverage for his or her dog may want to consider looking into whether the insurance company is improperly denying coverage, which could be the case.