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Your auto insurance might not have your best interests in mind

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Insurance Law |

There is not much time to think or react after a car accident. Adrenaline can make it hard for some people to fully process what is going on while others may need prompt medical attention. In all of this confusion car accident victims still need to deal with their insurance providers. This might seem like a straightforward process because Washington subscribers pay these companies to cover situations exactly like this, but auto insurance companies can make this relatively difficult. Consider some of the following when making an auto insurance claim.

One of the first steps a person should take after a car accident is to notify his or her agent about the accident. This individual should also create detailed records and notes of any conversations that take place with the agent or anyone else at the insurance company. Providing photo documentation of vehicle damage, the scene of the accident and injuries is another priority. An effort should even be made to take relevant pictures in the days following the accident if a person is unable to do this because he or she needed prompt medical attention

It is not always enough to rely on information provided by representatives. A policyholder should thoroughly review his or her coverage before giving a written or recorded statement to the company, even if he or she is asked to provide one when first notifying an agent. Similarly, it is not advisable to accept the first appraisal of losses. Contractors who work with insurance companies often low ball estimates for replacements and repairs.

The insurance companies might provide certain levels of coverage and compensation, but their focus ultimately lies on one thing — the bottom line. Washington residents are frequently offered less than they deserve, which make it much more difficult to address their losses and damages. This is unacceptable. When a car accident victim is worried that the auto insurance company is trying to force a less than fair settlement, it can be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney about his or her rights.