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Does insurance law allow multiple accident claims?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Insurance Law |

Even though most people have at least one type of insurance, not everyone understands how to file claims or even which type they should file. This is actually not that uncommon. Insurance law is a complicated topic, which makes it difficult for policyholders to figure out what they need to do in order to submit claims. For example, some people in Washington may not even realize that they can file car accident claims with both their own insurance companies as well as those of other drivers.

A claim for an accident or injury filed with one’s own insurance company is called a first-party claim. In general, first-party claims need to be submitted quickly. For example, a policyholder who gets into an accident should file a claim with his or her insurance company even if not at fault. Making a first-party claim for a car accident is very important because the at-fault driver may have inadequate coverage, no coverage or an insurance company that fights having to pay.

A claim that is filed with another driver’s insurance company is a third-party claim. When another driver is at-fault for a car accident, the victim should submit a third-party claim. This can help secure compensation for injuries and vehicle damage. Another good reason for submitting a third-party claim? Some at-fault drivers choose to not tell their insurance companies about accidents, hoping that the victim will not do so either.

Submitting the correct claim within the allotted period of time is essential. People living in Washington should be sure to familiarize themselves with their auto insurance policies, which will include information about when and how to make claims. However, even when adhering to guidelines and insurance law, insurance companies often deny valid claims. Should this happen, some find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney.