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Denied claim leaves homeowner without a wall

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Insurance Law |

Buying a house is about so much more than just securing a roof over one’s head. When someone buys a house, he or she is actually buying a home. Washington homeowners also understand the importance of protecting their homes by purchasing homeowners’ insurance. But putting down roots and cultivating family memories under the same roof for years on end is a lot harder when insurance companies refuse to help policyholders when disaster strikes. Here is just one example of how a denied claim can impact someone who needs help.

In 2013, a woman purchased a home that was originally built in the 1890s. Her fiance moved in with her in 2019, putting them and their children all in the same home. Although they had bright hopes for the future, those dreams were dashed when one day it felt as if an earthquake had hit their home. There were not natural disasters, but the back wall of their home had fallen off.

This left the children’s bedroom and other large portions of the home exposed to the elements. They are still trying to figure out what caused the wall to fall off, but even without this vital information the insurance company is refusing to take action. Instead, it denied their claim and commented that it only commits to paying for things covered by people’s policies.

Like many Washington families, this couple says they trusted their insurance agent when asking for guidance on coverage. However, an insurance agent’s job is not necessarily to look out for policyholders — it is to bring in new customers for his or her employer. When fighting the insurance company over a denied claim, it is very helpful to understand this and other applicable insurance law facts.