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March 2020 Archives

Insurance law: Prior authorization is hurting patients

Prior authorization is a key component of health insurance, but it has not always been the enormous hurdle that it is today. Health insurance companies require prior authorization for some of the most routine aspects of health care, such as filling prescriptions. Until significant changes are made to insurance law, Washington patients will still need to understand the role that prior authorization plays in their health as well as their rights when fighting the insurance companies.

Insurance law and making a claim

The period of time following a car accident can be confusing and overwhelming, and contacting the insurance company might be the last thing on a victim's mind. But it is not a good idea to put off filing a claim until later. Even though resolving a claim and dealing with other aspects of insurance law can be time-consuming, most insurance companies in Washington have strict deadlines for filing.

How do insurance riders fit into insurance law?

Sometimes initial insurance coverage is not enough to meet the needs of policyholders as their lives change. Instead of canceling and purchasing new policies, people can instead purchase insurance riders to supplement their coverage. But insurance law can be complicated, and the purpose and benefits of different riders might not be totally clear to some people in Washington. Here are a few important things to remember when considering purchasing an insurance rider.

Man billed $500 for insurance mistake

It is no secret that the cost of medical care is drastically higher than almost anyone in Washington can afford on their own. Health insurance is supposed to help offset those costs, and many people shell out a significant amount of money each month for their coverage. This is one of the reasons that receiving an unexpected bill can be such a shock. It is even worse when that bill is an insurance mistake.