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Renters insurance provides helpful coverage

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Insurance Law |

Renters rely on their landlords for repairs around their houses or apartments. Since a landlord is usually just a phone call away, the average renter in Washington might not think that he or she needs renters insurance. But renters insurance is not like homeowners’ insurance. It is not for damages or repairs to the property, but things like possessions or injuries that happen on the property.

Renters insurance covers three main things. One area is premises liability, which is a type of legal claim that someone can make if he or she is injured on another person’s property. Should an injured party sue and secure compensation, that is where renters insurance should step in and cover the resulting costs.

A person’s possessions should also be protected by renters insurance. If a person’s possessions are damaged because of something like fire or water damage, he or she could recover damages as specified by the policy. Stolen possessions are also covered, and some policies even cover property that is stolen from someone’s vehicle. Finally, renters insurance should cover the cost of finding temporary accommodations when necessary, like if a property is undergoing repairs because of damage.

But even when injuries, possessions and temporary accommodations are covered by a person’s policy, the insurance company might refuse to pay. This is unfortunately one way in which renters insurance is a lot like other types of insurance coverage. Disputing a denied claim in Washington can be time sensitive though, so it may be helpful to seek guidance about one’s options for moving forward.