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Our firm competently handles bad faith claims

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Insurance Law |

You buy insurance to give yourself peace of mind. As such you expect that if you end up in a car wreck, develop a serious medical condition, or experience damage to your home, then your insurance company will work with you to ensure that you’re financially protected and able to get back on your feet. The unfortunate reality, though, is that far too often insurance companies act more like foes rather than friends.

In many cases, insurance companies are enormously difficult to work with. They might be slow to return your calls and emails, they might delay formal discussions about your claim, and they might keep brushing off your situation by arguing that they don’t meet your policy requirements. While this might be extremely frustrating, it can also be illegal. This is because insurance companies are required by law to act in good faith, and purposefully delaying or wrongfully denying your claim could be bad faith practices that violate the law.

If you find yourself in this position, then you need to know what you can do to protect yourself and your financial interests. At our firm, we are dedicating to dealing with insurance law, meaning that we have the experience that is necessary to competently handle these types of cases. We meticulously review insurance company claim manuals, which help us determine exactly how the company intends on processing claims. This can give a lot of insight and may be indicative of bad faith practices that are being utilized.

By putting in the legwork, the attorneys at our firm stand ready to bad faith claims to trial. Our preparation often spurs settlement, though, because insurance companies often see that we have the evidence and the legal know-how to present a robust case at trial. Settling, then, saves them time and money.

Choosing a legal team to help you with your bad faith claim can be challenging, especially when you’ve got bigger issues to worry about. But you shouldn’t overlook the importance of this decision. Instead, be sure to do some research so that you can choose the legal representation that best positions you for success, if you choose to seek out legal representation at all.