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Understanding the duty to settle

Insurance companies throughout Washington and the United States owe a number of duties to their policyholders. According to FindLaw, some of these duties are universal, including the duties to defend, indemnify and investigate. However, there is also a fourth duty that is not universal throughout the United States but recognized in some jurisdictions: the duty to settle. 

What is the difference between short- and long-term disability?

Disability insurance provides coverage to workers in Washington in the event that they become unable to work due to a disability. You can purchase disability insurance privately, or you may have the option to obtain it through your employer. According to FindLaw, disability insurance policies differ in the duration of benefits. A short-term disability policy will cover you for up to two years, while a long-term policy may provide benefits for decades. Depending on a number of factors, including your budget, you may opt for either short-term or long-term disability coverage, or you may choose both. Some workers obtain one type of coverage from an employer and purchase the other type of coverage privately. 

What is PIP medical pay?

Bellevue residents like you have a full plate when dealing with medical insurance. Let LePley Law Firm help by explaining important things that you need to know in order to receive compensation, avoid unnecessary expenses, and more. Today, we will take a look at PIP medical pay.

Claims can be denied due to paperwork problems

When you are dealing with a serious physical injury or damage to your vehicle or your Washington home, you want your insurance claim to be processed as soon as possible. However, something as simple as a wrong birth date on your insurance claim can cause an insurer to deny your claim. Sometimes frustratingly simple paperwork errors can drag out your claim process or cause you to be denied altogether.

Insurance companies' duties to policyholders

If you file an insurance claim in Washington, you have a right to expect that the insurer will process the claim in a timely manner and pay out damages according to the terms expressed in the policy. Sadly, however, that is not always what happens. We at Lepley Law Firm have seen insurance companies unfairly deny claims or unreasonably delay processing or payment of the claim. When insurers behaves in this way, they have acted in bad faith, and you have the right to seek compensation beyond the initial claim.

Understanding insurance bad faith

If you are like most people in Washington, you probably have an auto insurance policy to cover your loses in the event you suffer injuries as a result of an accident. You likely also faithfully pay your premiums on time. You therefore expect your insurance company to pay any claim you make and to defend you if someone sues you after a car crash. The last thing you expect is to have to fight with it to get the coverage you paid for.