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Bellevue Homeowners’ Insurance Claims Attorneys

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Insurance policies are often written in a dense legal language that makes it difficult to understand all of the details of your coverage. Many times, individuals have homeowners’ insurance claims issues and do not know where to turn. A knowledgeable homeowners’ insurance claim attorney can assist you in getting the insurance payments that you deserve according to your stated coverage. At the The LePley Law Firm, we are committed to helping homeowners get the payments they need to make the necessary repairs to their homes. From our office in Bellevue, we serve clients throughout the Puget Sound area.

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Many people come to our firm because their insurance carrier have denied or unreasonably delayed the payment on their homeowners’ insurance claims. We can address several issues for our clients, including:

  • Inadequate amount: The insurance company has said that yes, it will pay your claim but it is going to only pay a certain amount that does not cover the amount of the repair.
  • Denial of claim: An aspect of the claim may be questioned by the insurer and therefore denied all together.
  • Delay of claim: The insurance carrier, for some reason, has chosen to delay payment of the claim.

Most homeowners’ policies do the same thing — provide coverage for certain aspects of the home if they are damaged or otherwise considered a loss. However, there are complicated formulas that insurance carriers utilize when paying benefits under certain policies.

There are time limitations on homeowners’ insurance claims after property damage has occurred. You only have a certain amount of time in which to file a claim or you lose your rights. Talk to an attorney as soon as possible to determine what your rights are.

Insurance companies rely on the fact that individuals may get confused — such as not understanding the difference between repair costs and guaranteed replacement costs. There is a large difference between being able to repair the property versus replacing the property in order to obtain the same value from it.

Some insurance policies may contain code upgrade endorsements under the structure coverage which allow a homeowner to make a claim for benefits in order to bring an aspect of the home or property up to code.

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Let us help you understand your rights under your homeowners’ insurance policy. Offering free initial consultations at our law offices in Bellevue, Washington, we will assess your situation and provide your options, so you can get maximum benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and find out more.