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Bellevue Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

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In an ideal world, your insurance company would fulfill its obligations and pay out your claim in full right away. But more often than not, that is not the case. If you are involved in a coverage dispute with your insurance company, do not be afraid to hold its feet to the fire and go after what you deserve. At the The LePley Law Firm, we are not afraid to take on insurance companies and file bad faith claims to protect your rights. From our office in Bellevue, we serve clients throughout the Puget Sound area.

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You may wonder, what does it mean to file an insurance bad faith claim? If your insurance company unreasonably delays or denies your claim, this can constitute bad faith and enhance your case. While you are not technically allowed punitive damages for its negligence, you can be awarded up to three times your initial claim, plus attorney fees and other costs.

Our firm has an extensive history of taking on insurance companies, and we have even been hired by Washington courts as special masters to handle these issues. We know that you have to be willing to fight in order to get the attention of insurance companies. While we are open to all settlement opportunities, we file more than half of the claims that come in our office. We are not afraid to file insurance bad faith claims and hold companies responsible for unfair claim denials, slow pay of claims and claim delays.

In addition to our experience and resources, our work in insurance bad faith claims has also helped shape the law. Washington recently passed a law called the Insurance Firm Contact Act, based on a draft submitted by our lawyer, Patrick LePley. We filed the initial auto accident case that helped obtain additional rights for consumers.

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If you are tired of fighting with your insurance company, we can help you take action. Filing a bad faith insurance claim may allow you to obtain additional compensation because of your insurance company’s negligence. Do not let insurance companies push you around. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and find out more.