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How do insurance riders fit into insurance law?

Sometimes initial insurance coverage is not enough to meet the needs of policyholders as their lives change. Instead of canceling and purchasing new policies, people can instead purchase insurance riders to supplement their coverage. But insurance law can be complicated, and the purpose and benefits of different riders might not be totally clear to some people in Washington. Here are a few important things to remember when considering purchasing an insurance rider.

Man billed $500 for insurance mistake

It is no secret that the cost of medical care is drastically higher than almost anyone in Washington can afford on their own. Health insurance is supposed to help offset those costs, and many people shell out a significant amount of money each month for their coverage. This is one of the reasons that receiving an unexpected bill can be such a shock. It is even worse when that bill is an insurance mistake.

Denied claim leaves homeowner without a wall

Buying a house is about so much more than just securing a roof over one's head. When someone buys a house, he or she is actually buying a home. Washington homeowners also understand the importance of protecting their homes by purchasing homeowners' insurance. But putting down roots and cultivating family memories under the same roof for years on end is a lot harder when insurance companies refuse to help policyholders when disaster strikes. Here is just one example of how a denied claim can impact someone who needs help.

Insurance law: Securing disability benefits for mental illnesses

Mental illnesses are not always well understood or even easy to recognize. This makes it hard for Washington residents who cannot work because of their mental health problems. When it comes to securing Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, those living with mental illnesses often face an uphill battle against insurance law.

Washington insurers fined for violating insurance law

Doctors spend years studying medicine and dedicate their lives to caring for patients. These medical professionals understand their patients' medical needs far more than any insurance company ever could, and yet those companies often interfere with people's access to treatment. This is sadly not uncommon, and three Washington insurance companies were even recently fined for breaking insurance law multiple times.

Insurance company keeps denying claims for child's care

Insurance companies like to act as though medical treatments are more of an optional choice instead of the absolute necessity that they are. They clearly demonstrate this attitude by denying claims for patients who desperately need care. This not only puts a tremendous financial burden on people in Washington, but it also jeopardizes their health and financial situations.

Insurance company denied claim for squirrel damage

Buying a homeowners insurance policy is just smart when buying a home. Not only do these policies provide financial coverage for damage to a home, but they also give homeowners a much needed sense of security. If anything goes wrong, they have their insurance policies to fall back on. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently exclude common sources of damage either explicitly or with broad, confusing terms, so when purchasing coverage, a Washington homeowner should be sure to familiarize him or herself with the policy. This can be helpful when there is a denied claim for something that should be covered.

Insurance law helps policyholders fight denied claims

It often feels like insurance companies deny claims without really considering the real life policyholders who submit them. Prioritizing profits over people just seems like an industry standard. But just because it is the standard does not mean that it is right. When an insurer violates the terms of an insurance policy by denying a valid claim, insurance law gives people in Washington the option to sue.

Insurance law: How to approach homeowners insurance claims

It is impossible to anticipate whether a storm, fire or other disaster will damage or even destroy a home. Homeowners insurance coverage provides a sense of relief to most people because they know there is help should something happen to their homes. Unfortunately, insurance law makes this more complicated than it has to be. Insurance companies are often quick to deny claims they believe are not sufficiently justified or documented. Here are a few things Washington homeowners can do to better demonstrate the validity of their claims.

Insurance law allows exclusions in life insurance policies

Reading the fine print of a life insurance policy is a good idea because it often spells out important details that can affect the rights of beneficiaries. Those details in one's policy may specify the exclusions, which are the circumstances under which the insurer can refuse to pay benefits. Understanding this critical element of insurance law can help Washington policyholders avoid leaving their loved ones with an uncertain future.