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How are homeowners associations and insurance law connected?

When purchasing a house, some people purposely seek out neighborhoods with homeowners associations. Others may prefer to settle down somewhere without an HOA, but limited housing opportunities in some areas of Washington might make it impossible to do so. In either situation, homeowners may need a more thorough understanding of how HOA bylaws and insurance law interacts.

Insurance law bill would mandate hearing aid coverage for minors

Health insurance is supposed to help cover medical costs, which is exactly what patients expect when seeking care. Unfortunately, many patients also expect to fight their insurance companies over necessary specialists, medications and medical equipment. A bill proposing a change to insurance law could make it easier for some Washington parents trying to secure coverage for their children.

What constitutes fraud in insurance law?

Insurance companies do not make it easy for policyholders to fully understand their coverage and rights. This is partially because of the complexity of insurance law, but it is also because companies can use any confusion to their own advantage. Even minor mistakes are sometimes cited when denying a claim. In more serious situations, a person might even be wrongly accused of insurance fraud.

What should my renter's insurance policy cover?

Renting can be the ideal situation for a number of reasons. Adults who are anticipating job changes, relocations or who simply do not want the responsibility of owning property often find that renting is simply best for their situations. Most people feel pretty confident in their housing choices with the added protection of renter's insurance coverage. This is one of the reasons why it is so frustrating for an insurance company to deny a legitimate claim.

Does insurance law allow multiple accident claims?

Even though most people have at least one type of insurance, not everyone understands how to file claims or even which type they should file. This is actually not that uncommon. Insurance law is a complicated topic, which makes it difficult for policyholders to figure out what they need to do in order to submit claims. For example, some people in Washington may not even realize that they can file car accident claims with both their own insurance companies as well as those of other drivers.

Confused by insurance law? Companies use that to their advantage

Even though you reviewed your homeowners' insurance policy before signing anything, it is entirely possible that you are still not totally sure what all is covered. This is actually not uncommon, so you should not be embarrassed about getting help understanding your coverage details from someone who is familiar with insurance law. In fact, it is especially important to do just that if your homeowners' insurance denied what you think was a valid claim.

Appealing denials is a time-sensitive process for cancer patients

Unexpected injuries and health problems can occur to anyone at any time, so having health insurance coverage is extremely important. But what happens when an insurance company knows better than a patient's doctor? According to an oncologist and University of Washington professor, people die. Appealing denials can help some patients get the treatment they desperately need, but navigating through insurance law can be trickier than some may realize.

Your auto insurance might not have your best interests in mind

There is not much time to think or react after a car accident. Adrenaline can make it hard for some people to fully process what is going on while others may need prompt medical attention. In all of this confusion car accident victims still need to deal with their insurance providers. This might seem like a straightforward process because Washington subscribers pay these companies to cover situations exactly like this, but auto insurance companies can make this relatively difficult. Consider some of the following when making an auto insurance claim.

Insurance law: How a public insurance adjuster can help

Living through a severe storm or house fire can be extremely stressful. On top of dealing with the emotional aspect of these traumatic situations, Washington homeowners also have to worry about repairs. Fixing serious damage to a home is expensive, but homeowners insurance should provide compensation for those damages. Hiring a public insurance adjuster is a smart way to make sure that the compensation is actually fair according to insurance law.

Breed restrictions in homeowners' insurance coverage

There is something very special about being a pet owner. Owners and their dogs usually form close bonds that are difficult -- if not impossible -- to break. Sadly, some dog owners in Washington will face more hurdles than others when it comes to protecting that bond. This includes dealing with things like breed restrictions in homeowners' insurance policies.