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Can you fight a health insurance claim denial?

Seattle residents like you rely on your insurance to help you through difficult periods in your life where you may be struggling with health and wellness. Because of that, if your health insurance claim is denied, it can feel like you have nowhere else to go. However, there are steps you can take to fight a claim denial.

Woman sues insurer for discrimination

Most people in Washington State would assume that their health insurance companies would pay for any procedures that were recommended as medically necessary by a physician. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and some people end up being forced to endure challenges due to their inability to receive the treatments they need. In some cases, patients may need to take serious steps to advocate for their health.

Is personal injury protection necessary?

If you have personal injury protection coverage as part of an auto insurance policy, it allows you to file a claim for damages resulting from a car accident with your own insurance company rather than the other driver's. In some states, personal injury protection is mandatory, while others make it optional. According to the Insurance Information Institute, it depends a great deal upon whom the laws of the state hold responsible for the accident.

Are all long-term disability policies the same?

If you are one of the many people in Washington State who is evaluating your insurance coverages, you should make sure to include a review of any long-term disability policy with that. Some employers offer long-term disability coverage as part of their benefits packages but they might only offer limited amounts. Other employers may only offer short-term disability coverage options. You could consider purchasing a private policy but should pay attention to the terms as each policy could be different.

When do you need to purchase home insurance?

You may think that home insurance is like auto insurance in that the law requires you to have it if you own a home. Though the confusion is understandable, this is actually not the case at all. If you are able to purchase your home outright without taking out a loan, there is no requirement for you to have insurance on your property. 

Insurance company responsibilities

People in Washington State often need to carry insurance for a variety of situations. Automobile insurance, renter's insurance and homeowner's insurance are common types of coverage purchased by individuals to protect their assets. Health insurance is another essential form of protection so that people have access to medical care when they need it. Life insurance policies, long-term care insurance plans and disability insurance plans all offer special assistance or benefits to people in the event of a difficult situation or a death. Professionals like doctors or dentists may carry liability insurance policies to protect them if they are accused of malpractice.

Underinsured motorist coverage

If you live in Washington State, you will know that the state requires you to have automobile insurance for any vehicle that you own. When you are looking for insurance coverage, you will learn that the state mandates minimum levels for the different types of insurance coverages. Some drivers opt to only purchase the minimum coverage levels and this can put you in a precarious position if you are hit by one of these drivers.