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Remember these steps for filing homeowners insurance claims

Even though homeowners hope that disaster will never strike, they also know that they should prepare for the worst. But even after taking that important step toward protection, the average homeowner might not be familiar with the process for filing a homeowners insurance claim. Having a firm understanding of this process can help a homeowner avoid any unnecessary headaches when dealing with the insurance company.

Tips for negotiating an auto insurance claim

Negotiating claims with the insurance company might not be easy or fun, but it is not impossible. Still, auto insurance companies often bank on the hope that you will give up before you can get very far in the process. Being prepared and keeping the following tips in mind can make negotiating an auto insurance claim easier for some drivers in Washington.

Transported via air ambulance? Expect surprise medical bills

When a person's condition is dire, an ambulance ride sometimes is not enough. Air ambulances are essential in these types of life or death situations. But when being transported to a hospital via helicopter, patients or family members probably do not anticipate the cost of saving someone's life. Surprise medical bills for these rides can land some Washington patients several tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Does your homeowners insurance policy cover everything you need?

The cost of owning and repairing a home can quickly add up, which is why having homeowners insurance is so important. Some lenders even require Washington homeowners to have coverage. But what does the average homeowners insurance policy actually cover? Perhaps somewhat less than what most people think.

Insurance law and long-term disability benefits

Life might have felt predictable before you got hurt, but now you are left trying to figure out the right path forward. If you can no longer work because of your injury, that path may include long-term disability benefits. Insurance law in Washington and across the country does not make it easy for you to navigate this system, though. You may want to consider some of the following when claiming benefits.

Renters insurance provides helpful coverage

Renters rely on their landlords for repairs around their houses or apartments. Since a landlord is usually just a phone call away, the average renter in Washington might not think that he or she needs renters insurance. But renters insurance is not like homeowners' insurance. It is not for damages or repairs to the property, but things like possessions or injuries that happen on the property.

Insurance law and your disputed homeowners claim

Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Protecting that investment is important to your current well-being as well as your future financial success, so you made the smart decision to purchase homeowners insurance coverage. But you might not have realized that insurance companies rely on what you do not know when offering you coverage, and later when denying your claim. Washington's complicated insurance law does not make this any easier.

Insurance companies may not cover facility fees

Patients want to know what they are paying for before they receive care, but few are actually given that information. This is because more and more people in Washington are having to shell out for much more than just their copays. Facility fees are driving up the cost of seeking medical care, and they are becoming more and more common.

Insurance law: Prior authorization is hurting patients

Prior authorization is a key component of health insurance, but it has not always been the enormous hurdle that it is today. Health insurance companies require prior authorization for some of the most routine aspects of health care, such as filling prescriptions. Until significant changes are made to insurance law, Washington patients will still need to understand the role that prior authorization plays in their health as well as their rights when fighting the insurance companies.

Insurance law and making a claim

The period of time following a car accident can be confusing and overwhelming, and contacting the insurance company might be the last thing on a victim's mind. But it is not a good idea to put off filing a claim until later. Even though resolving a claim and dealing with other aspects of insurance law can be time-consuming, most insurance companies in Washington have strict deadlines for filing.