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How does long-term disability differ from disability?

Bellevue residents like you who suffer from an issue that has left you disabled in the long-term may be wondering what you can insurance can do for you. How much compensation can it provide? How long will that compensation last? LePly Law Firm is here to answer these questions and more today.

What is high-risk insurance?

Automobile insurance is required for everyone who drives in Washington, but some people may find it difficult to get coverage, depending on many factors. You may have been told that you need high-risk insurance, which can be frustrating and expensive. You may also want to know what, exactly, high-risk insurance entails.

The basics of disability insurance

At the LePley Law Firm, we know that many people give little thought to the possibility of becoming disabled, especially when they are young and building their careers. However, as you may know, a life-changing accident or illness can occur without warning. A serious incident may affect your ability to earn a living. You and other Washington residents may be interested in learning about how disability insurance may protect you.

What to do after a homeowner’s insurance claim denial

Chances are, you pay a substantial amount to have homeowner’s insurance coverage for your Washington home, and you do so with the hope that you can fix issues fast in the event of an emergency. At the LePley Law Firm, we have found that many homeowners anticipate having something covered, only to receive denials in response to their claims, and we have helped many people facing these circumstances pursue solutions that meet their needs.

How does ERISA affect health benefits?

Judging from the name of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you may feel confused about what it has to do with the health benefits that you receive from your employer. It is true that ERISA provides protections to employees enrolled in retirement plans provided by employers in private industry, but it also provides protections for individuals enrolled in employer-provided health plans. 

Can you get disability benefits for chronic issues?

Bellevue residents like you have lost money in some way due to an injury or illness. In some cases, these physical issues may eventually heal or clear up, allowing you to return to the work you had been doing before. In others, however, your abilities are permanently altered. LePley Law Firm is here to help in cases where you no longer have the earning power you once did.

Will my homeowners’ insurance cover flooding?

Depending on where you live in Washington, you may worry about your home being destroyed by flooding, as well as whether your insurance will cover flood-related damages. There are many misconceptions related to this complicated area of insurance, as well as what exactly constitutes flooding damage, versus ordinary water damage.

Contractors and denied insurance claims

Contractors often run into many challenges, whether they encounter issues related to a particular construction project, the local economy or the workers they employ. However, unexpected problems can arise, such as a workplace injury, a motor vehicle collision, an extreme weather event or some other serious issue. To make matters worse, some contractors may find themselves in a particularly difficult position when they discover that their insurance company is refusing to help out and that their claim has been denied. This can be very upsetting and may lead to various hardships which could even force a contractor to shut their business down if the matter is not handled properly.