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Bellevue Defective Products Lawyers

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Every day, you rely on a number of products to work correctly. From automobiles to kitchen appliances, if a product malfunctions or does not work according to its own standards, dangerous accidents can occur. If you have suffered a serious personal injury as the result of a device defect or bad product design, an experienced lawyer can protect your rights. At the The LePley Law Firm, we protect the victims of defective product personal injuries across Washington.

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It can happen with almost any product you use, whether it is a consumer good or toy at home or a piece of industrial machinery at work. Injuries can result from defective products in a number of ways. A defective product could lead directly to your injury. A product that fails to work correctly could also cause an accident, which leads to your injuries. Lastly, a manufacturing defect in a product could prevent you from getting proper medical care.

From utility knives and children’s toys to fire truck pump systems and hoses, even the smallest defect can lead to serious personal injuries. As a litigation firm with extensive experience fighting insurance companies, we are not afraid to take on major manufacturers in order to protect the rights of our clients. Whether you have suffered nerve damage, broken bones, or soft tissue injuries, we will make sure negligent manufacturers are held responsible, and dangerous products are taken off the market.

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If you believe that you may have a defective product claim, it is time to get straight answers and find out more about your rights and options. From our offices in Bellevue, we protect the rights of personal injury victims in the Puget Sound area and across Washington, and we are ready to help you get results. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.